Follow The Sun Book Trailer

Follow The Sun: A Simple Way To Use Astrology For Living In Harmony offers a timeless, annual guide to using astrology for living in harmony with yourself, others, and nature. See the Follow The Sun book trailer now to get a "sneak peek" into its colorful pages.

About Follow The Sun

Starting with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, Follow the Sun:

  • Reviews each astrological sign,
  • Shares simple yet powerful ideas for making the most of that sign's energies and opportunities, and
  • Shows how a public figure born under that Sun sign expressed its energies.

Find Out More In The Follow The Sun Book Trailer

Use the video player above to enjoy the trailer. In this 2:25 minute video, you'll see:

  • The full color used on every page: each chapter has a different color theme to harmonize with the astrological sign it covers, so you'll automatically tune in to the sign before you even start reading.
  • Many of the colorful, original watercolors used throughout the book: there's one for every zodiac sign.
  • Several of the photos of famous people used throughout: the book includes many vintage black and white pictures of people from Chicago history - and a special, original watercolor portrait for one chapter. There's an image for each chapter because the book analyzes a historical or famous figure for every zodiac sign - so you can see how others have made the most of YOUR sign's energies.
  • Detailed descriptions and suggestions: each chapter guides you through a sign's strengths and weaknesses and helps you see how to make the most of the sign EVERY YEAR when the Sun moves through it during its annual tour of the entire zodiac. This feature is what makes Follow The Sun truly timeless - you'll find yourself referring to it again and again, year after year.
  • The beautiful full color wrap cover featuring Anne's oil painting, Glorious Sunrise.
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Where To Buy Follow The Sun

Follow the Sun is available from the publisher at a special discounted price of $36.95.

It also is available at, Barnes & Noble, the publisher, and numerous other booksellers. Or you may order the book through your local bookstore.

For other stores, distributors, and websites that carry Follow the Sun (including international sellers), go to our list of online retailers.

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Let Follow The Sun touch your heart and speak to your soul. Relax, enjoy the astrology and the colors and textures, you’ll find yourself "living in harmony," easily, naturally, and beautifully.

May you always enjoy living in harmony,

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