Journey Within

The Journey Within Is The Ultimate Quest

The journey within represents life's ultimate quest: the search for truth within ourselves.

The quest begins with the desire to understand our true selves. Fueled by spiritual passion, we undertake the inner journey through prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices.

Along the way, we face tests in the form of obstacles on both the inner and outer planes; meeting these tests enables us to develop perseverance, discipline, courage, and other spiritual virtues.

Reaching The Gate

Eventually, we reach an inner gate, beyond which lies the spiritual Heart. Entering the gate allows us to reach the Soul, symbolized by a Rose. As we develop and grow in mastery, our consciousness expands, and the Rose unfolds its petals one by one. At some point, the Rose stands fully open, sharing its beauty and sweet spiritual perfume freely.

The Journey Within Video

The Journey Within mystical music video can help you on your own inner journey. It combines music and painting to communicate in the symbolic, artistic language understood by the soul.

Its haunting arrangement consists of variations on a 17th century French melody called Picardy, which later was used in the hymn Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent. Let this music draw you in to enter the gate of your heart. Let the Rose and Heart paintings help you make your Journey Within.

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