Thanksgiving With You Video Celebrates Annual Time of Gratitude

Each year, while the Sun makes its way through Sagittarius starting in late November, all humanity feels the pulse of this fiery, inspired sign. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, which gives us a clue to this jolly giant's ability to inspire us with noble thoughts, generous feelings, and a desire to grow spiritually by seeking wisdom.

Autumn A Time Of Giving Thanks

This time of year also reminds us of the natural abundance we enjoy as residents of planet Earth. Many cultures across the world and throughout time have celebrated harvest festivals in the autumn as a way to give thanks for earth's bounty and to mark the close of harvest season.

In the U.S., this week brings Thanksgiving, a time of feasting and an opportunity to give thanks for loved ones and the joy of living.

Whatever your culture, wherever you live, join me in the Sagittarius spirit of joy and gratitude by enjoying the Thanksgiving With You video. Although written by an American and inspired by his experiences of Thanksgiving, this song speaks to all people, with its poignant remembrance of those who have passed on and its celebration of time together with family. As you watch, look for the oil painting of a fiery autumn leaf: it's one of my original oil paintings.

More About The Thanksgiving With You Video

For years, Scott R. Williams saw a need for a song to recognize America's most celebrated holiday, Thanksgiving. One day, a song and some lyrics simply came to him, as an instant inspiration, fully formed as Thanksgiving With You. Destined to become America's new Thanksgiving holiday anthem, this timeless song appeals to all generations. A definite return to the days of Bing Crosby, both musically and in its traditional spirit, Thanksgiving With You brings home all the warmth of this beloved holiday.

Scott asked me to help him create a music video for the song, and we worked together to create the video presented here. You'll find a heartwarming mix of music along with vintage and historical photos, contemporary images, and nature pictures from the late autumn time of year.

Enjoy the video, and thank you for being with me here at my Living in Harmony blog,

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