How To Choose An Astrology Report

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An astrology report is one of the most powerful tools you can get to help understand yourself and your astrology.

These computer generated astrology reports help you interpret the symbols in your birth chart. That way, you can start seeing the details of your unique astrology and how to make the most of your life path.

But with so many options, which report should you choose? It’s simple: read on for our easy guide to how to choose an astrology report.

Choose From Three Types Of Reports

We offer several different reports, in three major categories:

  • Natal Reports (including Specializing Natal Reports for career, karma)
  • Compatibility Reports
  • Forecast Reports

How To Choose An Astrology Report

Choosing a report depends on two things:

  1. What kind of information you're looking for: That will tell you what kind of report to get.
  2. Whether you know your exact birth time: That will tell you which reports in a category are available to you.

What Do You Want To Find Out?

"I want to know more about myself and my birth chart" - Choose a natal report

Get A Natal Report
Get A Specialized Natal Report

"I want to know more about a relationship" - Choose a compatibility report

Get A Compatibility Report

"I want to know more about my future possibilities" - Choose a forecast report

Get A Forecast Report

See Sample Reports Now

You can see samples of these reports now, and you'll see how simple it is to know how to choose an astrology report. Visit our online astrology report and chart service and click any of the pink "View Sample" buttons to see a sample report.

See Sample Reports

Astrology Reports For Living in Harmony

An astrology report can help you enjoy "living in harmony" by helping you know your personal astrology better. It's one of the best ways to understand who you are and why you're here in this lifetime.

And THAT gives you the precious gift of knowing how to be your very best self, living up to all that your soul yearns to express.

See Samples Of All Our Reports

Let these reports help you dig deeper into your personal astrology. As you refer to them over the months and years ahead, you’ll find yourself "living in harmony," easily, naturally, and beautifully.

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6 comments on “How To Choose An Astrology Report”

  1. Except, I am supposedly a Sagittarius, but in Vedic Astrology I am Scorpio, I have little to not any traits of being Sagittarius, I have a lot in Scorpio, I have been taking zodiac tests and all I have been getting is Scorpio so Idk am I Sagittarius because in Tropical zodiac my birthday falls under Sagittarius. Am I Scorpio because that's what I act like and my traits are mostly like?

    1. Lorraine, thank you for writing. If you know your exact date, time, and place of birth, you can get an accurate birth chart to vetify your sign. That's just part of the story, though: the location of the other planets tells you much more about your personality. This site focuses on tropical/western astrology, and that's a good place to start to understand yourself and your traits. Any of the natal reports will help you, and if you feel Scorpio is a factor, you may have planets or the ascendant or midheaven in Scorpio. Check out your tropical astrology first, with a report, because that's a critical first step to get a baseline of data. Enjoy your chart and report! Let us know what you find out!

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