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Chocolates Chooser - Your Chocolate Profile By Zodiac Sign

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We love them, and we buy them in massive quantities.

Across the world, chocolate sales pump nearly $100 billion into the global economy every year.

Chocolates - How Do YOU Choose?

So how do you choose your chocolates? Do you stick with an old favorite you've loved for years? Or do you like seeking out something new? Do you have specific "go to" chocolates for certain situations or occasions?

When you buy chocolates for others, how do you choose something that will please them? Have you ever bought something for someone else thinking they'd love it, only to get a lukewarm—or worse!—response when they tried it?

Choosing Chocolates - It's Easier (And More Fun!) With Astrology

Astrology makes it easier to buy chocolates for others because it helps you choose and increases your odds of getting something your gift recipient will enjoy.

Plus, it adds some fun to choosing and enjoying chocolates for yourself, including branching out into something new that really fits your zodiac sign.

What's Your Chocolate Profile?

A little knowledge about zodiac signs can show you why you love certain types of chocolates (and why you avoid other types). It also can guide you toward treats that others will enjoy—as long as you know their zodiac signs.

That's because your zodiac sign gives you important clues about what chocolates you're apt to like.

So you can think of astrology as a tool that gives you your chocolate profile.

For example if you're a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius), you may be more adventurous about the kinds of chocolates you buy. If you're a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), you may see chocolate as something to soothe your emotions, preferring to stick to more traditional options.

If you're a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), you may seek the best chocolate for yourself and then stick to it because the fixed signs generally resist change. If you're a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces), you may be much more open to trying something new because mutable signs come at the end of the seasons and are flexible, adaptable, and open to change.

Chocolates Chooser - Chocolate Profiles By Zodiac Sign

Our Chocolates Chooser gives you your chocolate profile, using your zodiac sign.

See what the Chocolates Chooser tells you about your profile and check out the chocolates recommended for your sign.

Then indulge and have fun!

Buying A Gift? Check Their Zodiac Sign First!

Oh, and one more thing—

Are you buying a gift? Not sure of someone's zodiac sign?

You can find out anyone's sign instantly with our Zodiac Sign Chart.

Click For Zodiac Sign Chart

Aries Chocolate Profile

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a fire sign filled with energy and courage.

Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries loves red and has a passionate nature, making chocolate kisses wrapped in red foil a great choice. Also, with Mars as this sign's ruler, Aries people—both men and women—demonstrate that "men are from Mars" by gravitating toward things with a more traditionally masculine quality, so they likely will enjoy chocolates flavored with premium bourbon, for example.

Those same qualities make Aries an ardent pursuer in love. Candies in a red heart box will stir the Aries heart and make the Ram feel in sync.

Aries is associated with spicy flavors, including peppermint, so peppermint bark is a wonderful choice for an Aries.

As a cardinal fire sign, Aries is always on the go, always ready to start again. A leader and highly competitive, Aries wants to be first—and likes to win when it competes. That makes Aries a bit of a daredevil, always up for a challenge. For the very brave, accustomed to extremely spicy food, consider trying the ultimate chocolate challenge: the world's hottest chocolate bar. (CAUTION: Don't even consider this if you're not used to super, super hot spice!)

For a calmer alternative, try something inspired by the Aries symbol, a ram (a male sheep). A sweet milk chocolate sheep will make Aries smile and laugh. This sign also has a practical streak because it loves to move fast and get things done. So a bucket filled with chocolate brownies is sure to please: easy to carry around and fun to put to other uses when the brownies are gone.

Taurus Chocolate Profile

As an earth sign, Taurus loves working with its hands, whether digging in the garden, creating pottery or other artworks, or using tools to fix something. These realistic looking tools made of chocolate are a fun choice for Taurus, reminding this sign of its love of practicality and good workmanship.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, so anything that feels indulgent will appeal. Try chocolate covered strawberries, a fruit associated with Venus.

The Venus side of Taurus's nature will respond to anything in soft, pastel colors, including pink wrapped chocolate kisses (include some actual kisses and plenty of hugs if you give them as a gift—Taurus loves physical affection). And having the goddess of love and peace as your ruling planet means Taurus likes everything linked to affection, such as chocolate hearts and anything associated with peace, such as the images on the Dove brand of chocolates, including mint and dark chocolate swirls.

Taurus's earthiness gives it a love of nature and all plants, especially flowers. Try chocolates wrapped in pansy foil to evoke the outdoors.

This sensual sign also loves textures, from soft sweaters to nubby upholstery to incised designs on pottery. Taurus also has a sweet tooth and can be indulgent when it comes to candy. Satisfy both these urges with an over-the-top box of 37 assorted Godiva chocolates in a heart-shaped box covered in red fabric.

Gemini Chocolate Profile

Gemini, a mutable air sign, is the lightest (and a very light hearted) sign of the zodiac. So it's no surprise that one of the creatures associated with Gemini is the butterfly. Try a chocolate work of art shaped like a butterfly and made from artisan dark chocolate. If you're a Gemini, your soul will respond to its lifelike details, and if you give this as a gift the recipient will be impressed by the look and love the taste.

With Gemini's symbol being the Twins, those born under this zodiac sign generally like things that come in twos, so you'll often see them working in two different careers at the same time or jumping between two (or more!) very different hobbies. When it comes to chocolate, the Gemini heart will smile at having two tastes in one—chocolate and hazelnut—in a chocolate swirled treat or a delicious hot chocolate duo featuring Parisian style dark hot chocolate and Kashmir style spicy hot chocolate flavored with cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and allspice. These warm treats will soothe an overheated mind when it's racing through thought after thought or on overdrive with amazing data or new ideas.

As an air sign, Gemini can get caught up in its head and lose sight of the feeling side of life. One of the greatest tonics for balance at these times is lavender. Try a gourmet assortment of chocolate truffles, including some with calming lavender as well as cheery lemon.

The playful Gemini also enjoys bright colors and novelties. Try candy coated chocolate sunflower seeds for a fun snack with a big smile factor from the eye popping mix of red, orange, yellow, purple, and green.

Cancer Chocolate Profile

Cancer, a highly sensitive water sign ruled by the Moon, has mysterious associations with night, the sea, and the tides. Its symbol, a crab, reminds us of its love for the ocean and its many wondrous creatures. If you're a Cancer, try white chocolate treats such as these white chocolate seashells, as your sign is linked to the color white as well as other shimmering, pale hues.

This zodiac sign also responds at a soul level to pearls and mother-of-pearl, as their iridescent beauty evoke the sea. Callebaut's Crispearls offer an edible version of pearls: they're tiny round cookies coated in white chocolate. Or try Guylian's chocolate seashells called "Perles d'Ocean" ("ocean pearls"), regular chocolate formed into seashell shapes with a smooth praline filling.

Cancers tend to identify strongly with the interests of children and women, and especially mothers. They generally love family and the joys of babies and childhood, giving this sign its link to nurturing and nourishing foods including milk. That makes milk chocolate a perfect choice for Cancer, as shown by the U.S., a Cancer nation (birth date July 4), where milk chocolate accounts for 70% of all chocolate sales. Some of the finest milk chocolates come from Europe, an area that accounts for half the chocolate sales worldwide. Try Britain's famous Cadbury milk chocolate candy bar or Germany's Schogetten alpine milk chocolate bars or Belgium's Godiva milk chocolate truffles.

For a nostalgic look back at a childhood favorite (what Cancer can resist those golden memories?), check out hot chocolate sticks in an assortment of dark, milk, and white chocolate to make a soothing, warm cup of chocolate.

Leo Chocolate Profile

Noble Leo, ruled by the Sun, in your heart you're playful as a child. Food that indulges your inner child will please your soul. Combine that with anything citrus (your sign rules all the citrus trees, including oranges), and you have a winning combination. Have fun with a chocolate orange: the chocolate has a kiss of orange flavor and comes in segments—just like a real orange. When you "whack" the ball, it breaks into sections you can share with family or friends.

For more citrus fun, try some milk chocolate sticks filled with soft orange and raspberry jellies.

Leos also love what's simplest: whatever is the very best. For Valentine's Day 2019, Godiva offers a limited edition gold ballotin filled with assorted milk, dark, and white chocolates with classic Belgian fillings such as silky ganaches, creamy pralines, rich caramels, and fruits and nuts.

Symbolized by a lion, Leos are associated with cats both large and small, including the lovable house cat we know as a favorite pet. A cat tin filled with luxurious traditional Scottish vanilla fudge will make every Leo purr with pleasure.

Chocolate filled with almonds is a favorite treat and harmonizes especially well with Leo, a sign associated with almonds. Try Kirkland's milk chocolate roasted almonds or almond bark made of milk chocolate with dark and white chocolate drizzles, packaged in a gift tin.

Virgo Chocolate Profile

Virgo is perhaps the most health conscious zodiac sign. So satisfy your urge toward wellness as well as your need for a bit of indulgence with a gift set of eight petite candied apples, dipped in caramel and covered in chocolate. These handmade treats come in an elegant gift box, with a purple gift bow on each apple and flavors including triple chocolate, milk chocolate walnut, and double chocolate peanut butter almond.

If you prefer large apples, try a gorgeous yet good for you pair of full sizechocolate covered caramel apples. This set provides one apple dipped in caramel and covered in milk chocolate (and drizzled with white and dark chocolate) and one caramel apple covered in dark chocolate drizzled with white chocolate and decorated in dark chocolate jimmies. They come in an "orchard fresh" wooden crate, tied with a bow.

Virgo also prizes purity, making white chocolate in an organic version a wonderful choice. Select Green & Black's white chocolate bar in a box of ten, Godiva's elegant white chocolate gift box, Ghirardelli's white chocolate sauce in a squeeze bottle, or a box of white chocolate truffles.

Those born under the sign of the Virgin do so much to serve others, working to make the world a better place. If you need a gift for a beloved Virgo, try Equal Exchange's organic chocolate bar assortment, with chocolate sourced from small farmer organizations as part of the fair trade movement, or Amore de Mona's luxury vegan assortment of dark chocolate mignardises (petits fours) made with minimal and fair trade, organic ingredients.

Virgo is associated with nuts of all kinds, making chocolate covered nuts a great choice. Marich offers a nut medley of macadamias, almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pecans enrobed in luxurious milk and dark chocolate and presented in a black tie box.

Libra Chocolate Profile

Ruled by beautiful Venus, Libra loves love—and all its trappings. Roses, Many of the items we associate with love and courtship are associated with Libra, including roses.

Those born under the sign of the Scales are sure to enjoy a dozen long stemmed solid chocolate roses, wrapped in Italian foil and featuring a 16-inch stem with silk leaves. They come in a white floral gift box to give to someone you love—or as a gift to yourself! For a mini version, with short stems measuring 9 1/2 inches long, try Madelaine Chocolate's solid milk chocolate sweetheart roses.

Chocolate covered strawberries typically please Libras, as this fruit is linked to their sign. Try a box of 18 bite sized chocolate covered strawberries, each dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate and decorated with drizzles and sprinkles.

Libras are the original "people who need people," and they work hard at their relationships. They also like fairytale stories of love and friendship. You'll find these traits—along with some delectable chocolate treats—in the Fairytale Brownies company, started by two childhood friends. Try the company's gift box containing 18 "magic morsel" mini brownies in six flavors and learn the story of how the company began.

Libra has a sweet tooth, so a little bite of something sweet after a meal feels perfectly balancing. This sign also loves pastels because it prefers harmony and avoids anything harsh—including loud colors. A large bag of assorted pastel mint chocolate lentils will meet both these needs in a scrumptious way. The dark chocolate contains no dairy, and it's coated in a pleasingly crunchy sugar shell.

This sign prizes fairness, so it needs time to make decisions because Libra wants to be fair to every option by considering it thoroughly. In a restaurant, if two flavors of anything are on the menu, Libra's classic response is "I'll have one of each!" Combined that with a love of sweets, and it can lead to overindulgence—unless Libra balances this tendency by having tiny versions of favorite treats. Try the world's tiniest chocolate chip cookies for a chocolate treat that small enough that you can eat several at one go.

Scorpio Chocolate Profile

Intense, passionate, and deeply loyal when they commit, Scorpios are renowned for their interest in life's intimate side. A sexy set of dark chocolate lingerie, made of solid chocolate and measuring the same size as real undergarments, will spark a lover's flame into a hot fire. Made in small batches of artisan chocolate, it will stir the heart (and loins) of any Scorpion.

Scorpio's fabled intensity and emotional depth can be compared to a volcano: emotions hidden under the surface, smoldering, and then a dramatic, fiery display when the volcano becomes active. Chocolate lava cake makes a perfect choice for the Scorpion—try Godiva's candy version of lava cake dessert truffles.

Red velvet cake is another Scorpio winner, thanks to its combination of this sign's two favorite colors: crimson and black (OK, dark brown from chocolate!). Try a gourmet chocolate bar made of milk chocolate and filled with red velvet cake ganache. Scorpio, which prizes secrets, will love the hidden cake within, masked by innocent seeming chocolate.

Dark chocolate's mysterious allure draws the heart of many a Scorpion. A dozen strawberries enrobed in dark chocolate makes a perfect gift or a treat for yourself. Or try Lindt's 12 pack of ultra dark chocolate bars, featuring 90% cocoa.

For the Scorpio who has everything, consider an unusual chocolate option that's not sweet at all. Far from it. The Moruga Scorpion Chocolate Hot Pepper, which hails from Trinidad, is the size of a golf ball and was the first pepper to break the two million Scoville heat units barrier, setting a world record for spiciness. It's actually edible—if you dare (and if you're cautious about how much you add to a recipe). Get an organic live pepper plant, whose color and sheer danger will appeal to Scorpio even if they never eat it.

Sagittarius Chocolate Profile

Sagittarius, you love exploring, especially through travel. So when it comes to chocolate, a global sampling appeals to your sense of adventure. The Pralus Pyramid, a packet of ten single origin dark chocolates from around the world, will let you indulge both your senses and your love of armchair travel through food. And while you typically love things big and showy, consider also getting a mini version of these intensely dark chocolate bars to carry with you for an instant gourmet getaway.

And speaking of big and showy, as Oscar Wilde once said, "Nothing succeeds like excess." Although Oscar was a Libra (born October 16), his sentiment fits perfectly with Sagittarian logic. Any Archer likely will feel thrilled to have a chocolate, caramel, and crunch gift tower. This assortment of hand-dipped chocolate confections provides two chocolate covered caramel apples, hand made chocolate drizzled caramel corn, chocolate covered caramelized sea salt cashews, milk chocolate almond bark, chocolate dipped dried orange slices, and chocolate covered pretzels—all packed into four tower boxes and tied with a red ribbon.

That legendary treat, Turkish delight, has thrilled sweets lovers for centuries. Now it's available covered in Belgian chocolate, with a filling that includes hazelnuts. Get some chocolate Turkish delight now to enjoy with after dinner coffee. Read the story (scroll down after you click the link) of how this treat came to be and buy a box to share with family and friends as you share the story with them (Sagittarius LOVES telling stories!).

If you get a Sagittarius a box of chocolates, look for something that comes in a metal tin, rather than a paper box. This sign is associated with the metal tin, and a box we call a "tin" (even if many of them are manufactured using materials that no longer contain this metal), will appeal to the Archer's soul in a way a cardboard box never will. Try Godiva's heart tin filled with chocolate truffles, each individually wrapped, featuring an assortment consisting of milk chocolate truffles with milk chocolate ganache filling, dark chocolates filled with dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolates with salted caramel ganache, and dark chocolates with vanilla white chocolate ganache.

Sagittarius's symbol is the Archer, a centaur whose lower half is a horse and whose upper body is human. Not surprisingly, this sign is linked to horses and all things associated with these dramatic animals. So if you want to get in touch with your inner centaur, Sagittarius, get a solid chocolate horseshoe, as big as a real horseshoe, and let your inner horse swoon.

Capricorn Chocolate Profile

Capricorn is the sign of CEOs, and no matter what their job or profession, every Capricorn carries a bit of the mogul inside. Indulge this side of the hard working Goat with a box of chocolate cigars. Enjoy one every time you're signing papers, planning your next business takeover, or celebrating your latest career success.

Old fashioned men's clubs, smokey back rooms where the well connected broker major deals, and the traditional look of success—including pinstriped shirts—appeal to this same side of Capricorn. Try Hershey's iconic and traditional (very Capricorn!) kisses candies, mocha flavored, in a striped foil wrapper to connect further with your inner industrialist.

When Goats succeed at work, after years of patient effort, financial rewards do come their way. This sign is smart with money, making a five pound bag of chocolate coins in gold wrappers an excellent choice for Capricorns. For a major statement, try a one pound Belgian chocolate coin, wrapped in gold and measuring eight inches across—Capricorn, you may be tempted to nibble it alone, but you'll enjoy it even more if you share it with a special someone, perhaps with rich, dark coffee or a heady red wine.

The highly traditional box of chocolates also warms a Capricorn's heart, as this sign does respect its elders and traditions. The chocolate industry often packages treats in a special container called a ballotin, a decorative cardboard box that's slightly larger at the top. If you need a gift for Capricorn (or if you're a Goat who wants some sweet comfort), try Godiva's classic golden ballotin, containing eight assorted chocolates and a solid milk chocolate bar, packaged in a gift bag with an organic chocolate lip balm

Anything associated with goats will stir the Capricorn soul, as this animal is its symbol. Cajeta, a Mexican caramel sauce made from goat's milk, offers a sweet way to experience this link to the animal world. Try Fat Toad Farm's traditional goat’s milk caramel sauce assortment, made in small batches and based on authentic cajeta recipes, which features both caramel versions and a spicy dark chocolate one.

Aquarius Chocolate Profile

Aquarius, you always march to the beat of your own drummer, perhaps out of step with the crowd and yet reminding us we need to be individuals. You love what's futuristic (including sci fi and science) and paradoxically you enjoy ancient history as well. When it comes to chocolate, the chemistry of this beloved treat may interest you more than anything else. You can blend your scientific bent with a nod to ancient times with a make your own chocolate kit. It has organic, fair trade cocoa butter and powder as well as sugar and everything else you need to make eight ounces of dark chocolate, either on the stove or in a microwave. Comes with instructions (and the story of chocolate!). It also has some cacao beans so the curious scientist in you can try a few.

For an unusual (very Aquarian!) twist on chocolate, check out the sea salt caramel chocolate lovers popcorn pizza in a box.

Although Aquarius's symbol is the Water Bearer (pouring out the waters of wisdom—and its peculiar personal genius—for all humanity), it is an air sign. Often, Aquarians live in their heads, thinking about their next great invention or how to solve the world's pressing problems. For those times you're too busy and too caught up in thought to eat, enjoy some cocoa essential oil and let the aroma feed your soul even as your mind keeps working.

Aquarius, your forward thinking may have drawn you to becoming a vegetarian or even vegan. Satisfy your chocolate cravings and your concern for the planet and its animals with a vegan chocolate hazelnut spread from Nutiva or Amore di Mona's artisanal vegan chocolate mignardises (bite-sized desserts) with salt.

With so many thoughts of outer space in many an Aquarian's mind, what better way to enjoy chocolate than with something literally out of this world. Purchases of the Colonization of Mars chocolate set support Mars colonization programs, with half the profits going toward this goal. The set features nine chocolates, each with a unique Mars theme design.

Aquarians generally have many friends, as this sign is associated with humanity, philanthropy, and friendship. So they need something that lets them share sweet treats with a crowd, such as a deluxe chocolate tower: four gift boxes in increasing sizes that stack and contain a lavish assortment of chocolates and snacks. Makes a wonderful gift, with its bow and colorful boxes.

Pisces Chocolate Profile

Pisces, your intriguing symbol, the Fish, tells so much about you. A water sign, you're sensitive and compassionate, and as a Fish, you can be slippery and hard to grasp because you need time to yourself and your mysterious ways can be hard to fathom. You also love beauty and the arts, so when it comes to chocolate, you're well served by milk chocolate shaped like fish and wrapped in colorful foil to look like exquisite tropical fish. And because you can be a bit indulgent, make it a five pound assortment so you'll have plenty. Perfect!

Many Pisces people enjoy dining on fish. If so, they'll likely enjoy a gourmet dark chocolate fish that's as large and as detailed as the real thing. This solid chocolate treat comes in a handmade gift box.

Pisces governs many liquids as well as bodies of water. Fish will feel comfortable with shells and other objects that remind them of their fishy nature. Try of Guylian's belgian chocolates, 22 pieces of artisanal truffles shaped like seashells.

People born under this zodiac sign also object to anything harsh or excessively angular or sharp. Their gentle natures enjoy refined treats such as Lindor's strawberries and cream white chocolate truffles. If you need to get a Pisces a gift, aim for packaging with softened edges, such as the round tin containing these Virginia Diner chocolate covered peanuts.

Pisces's tender heart wants to care for all the world and ease everyone's suffering. They can do that and still enjoy life's joys with organic chocolate (helping the environment) whose growers receive fair wages (economic justice and uplifting others)&mdashall available from Equal Exchange in a dark chocolate hot chocolate (very soothing for the Pisces psyche).

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